Choosing the Right Pool Table Design

A pool table can be much more than solely for playing pool or billiards; some of the modern designs fit perfectly into any home or room and make the perfect addition to a home's modern decor.  The use of high grade materials and hardwood, in addition to table design that is elegant, ensures that you will get almost as much pleasure out of looking at the table and showing it off to others as you will get from playing on it.  For you to choose from Modern pool table design also offers a wide variety of colours, styles, and fabrics.


As with any purchase, budget is very likely to be a problem when choosing pool table design. Authentic, traditional pool tables provide a appearance that is special but because they believed antiques and use much slate and other materials in their construction they can prove prohibitively costly. Are they expensive to purchase but the weight means that they're expensive and equally difficult to move and remove.


Size matters when it comes to choosing a billiard table. The 8' design offers an excellent combination that is easier to match in the house while being very close to regulation size. Any pool table should always be double the length of its width to offer an authentic game of pool or billiards.

Slate Or Non-Slate?

One is whether to choose table that is non-slate or a slate table. In reality, this isn't a matter of design and to the most amateur pool participant, there is no question that slate tables provide a game that is much better. Slate tables can be more expensive and are more heavy but they will last longer and provide uniformity in the roll. This is why everyone from the newcomer to the purist would ideally choose a slate table.


One element of pool table design that matters both in terms of aesthetics and quality of play felt that is used, or is the cloth. A quality felt should be thick and made with a weave in order to cover the playing surface but modern felts are available in any colour so you can really let your design side come out when choosing a pool table. Not all pool tables include the felt when you purchase them so be cautious once you pick your table that you understand whether you need to purchase felt not or individually.

Design Styles

Design styles range from traditional to modern tables. Materials employed for the construction of the frame and the legs can vary to high quality hardwoods from quality MDF. The decision of material and design will largely be down to your personal preference but with a wide variety available you should not have problems locating the table design that is ideal for you.

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Looking Forward to Modern Design

Modern design is, in many ways, a solution but it is also an art form. Contemporary fashions have developed in such a manner that home interiors are not only designed to provide an intellectual landscape to the mind and soul, but also to solve problems. The eyes rest on a seat, but it is when we are beholding the results of the modern design as a whole that the settings and the objects carry out their full potential.

Design fads come and go, but "modern" has been a lasting and evolving term. What was once the pinnacle of contemporary ingenuity becomes "classic" as the years drift by. On the flip side of things, just because something is new does not make it contemporary. Contemporary's definition will continue to change as styles do, which is something we could see as evolving every year.

Today's Modern Misconceptions

Many tend to prefer the traditional over the modern due to preconceived mental images of hard edges and primary colors being cold and uncomfortable. When the simple fact is that in the art world those things were modern, but things can change in the blink of an eye. Those few that are reluctant will always exist although contemporary designers know that there is more to modern than minimalism. It has nothing to do with abstract pieces that are preferred by some as merely evolving tastes.

Looking Sharp Doesn't Cut It

The returning workforce of industrialist America needed a way to rapidly produce considerable amounts of furniture to the population of post-WWII baby-boomers. The fact that machines could be used to create low-assembly units effectively produced the sleek styles that we see. It's still about technology and simple lines, but designers are seeking to utilize more than just that: good, honest materials. Sustainability is a huge part of what modern design is right now.

The contemporary design principals are still valid but are constantly undergoing transformation away from surfaces. For instance, the iconic Ball Chair is constantly undergoing revisions by different designers of today. And one that allows interaction is opening the chair up to more rooms of the house has been transformed into by design.

Some may say that modern design will be saved by sustainability. Though it will evolve through the representation of designers of the day, it will at its heart remain timeless.