Restaurant Chair Design - Which Is Best, Metal Or Wood?

The constant argument between restaurant owners is this: Which restaurant chairs design is best - metal or wood?  I have yet to read an argument that convinces me.  Despite the arguments, the truth is that all three have their disadvantages and their benefits.

What I do question, which is best, is where one attempts to replicate one of the others.  There is A good example metal with wood that's painted to look like metal , or a wood like stain.  If you want the wood look - use wood.  If you want the metallic appearance then use metal.   Cost is a major factor and for some chairs, having the ability to resist weather is another.

Style is another major factor you should consider when choosing between the two. For more traditional outlets you'll probably want to go with wooden chairs. If you're more into modern style then metal would probably be the better option. Though if you have the money and want really modern chairs then you should opt for acrylic. Acrylic chairs have the ability to really enhance the look of an environment, though unfortunately they can be pricey. 

Wood Chairs

The benefit of using wood chairs is that it has an upscale appearance, they ought to last you 10 years or longer.  They ought to be cleaned to make them and keep them looking clean, you will also have to tighten the screws and bolts.  They may need the chairs replaced or refinished after a few years, while the wood chairs may get scratches the vinyl seats may get rips and wear spots.  You could recover them or sand them down and refinish them.

Metal Chairs

The benefit of using metal furniture is that it will last longer than wood chairs.   If like the wood chairs to make them last 27, they have to be tightened regularly some metal frame chairs use nuts and bolts.  A lot of the metal chairs today are welded and do not need any upkeep aside from cleaning.  Like the wood furniture, recovered, the chairs don't last as long as the frames and might have to be refinished or replaced.

You may argue that durability is also a major element.  When used to make cafe seats plastics outlast both metal and timber actually.  I don't see any difference between metal or wood, apart from weathering.  It should be remembered that we are discussing quality furniture.  They both will survive for years.  Treated incorrectly, and all three substances could fall apart very quickly.  When it comes to a restaurant chairs design, the best material is one which fits in with your decor that is overall.  It is much better to match up the chairs with the present decor.

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Looking Forward to Modern Design

Modern design is, in many ways, a solution but it is also an art form. Contemporary fashions have developed in such a manner that home interiors are not only designed to provide an intellectual landscape to the mind and soul, but also to solve problems. The eyes rest on a seat, but it is when we are beholding the results of the modern design as a whole that the settings and the objects carry out their full potential.

Design fads come and go, but "modern" has been a lasting and evolving term. What was once the pinnacle of contemporary ingenuity becomes "classic" as the years drift by. On the flip side of things, just because something is new does not make it contemporary. Contemporary's definition will continue to change as styles do, which is something we could see as evolving every year.

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